My Maifair

Today I am going to introduce to you my mini. It is still "only a mayfair", but I thought I would take the change and tune it as best as I can. It is still under construction ;)

This pictures showes it like I bought it in august 2003 for only 100 EUR. It looked sad-faced, did not run, the clutch did not work and the body looks like a battle has leaved its mark on my mini but for only a hundred Euros, who cares?

A time later, I think it was oktober or november, we had a look to the underbody of my mini and were kindly surprised of the good condition of it. The 100 Euro were good invested.

From that moment my mini got some spare parts, another motor (no, not for tuning purposes), a new painting in a wonderful colour (thats what I think ;) ) and got a new life as "minigulf".

I only need more time to give it the attention it needs.

For whom of you who are more interessted in the story of my mini, take a look to its own site But I am sorry, these pages are only available in german.